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About Us

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While securing access to Pure Water will always be our primary focus, these first kiosks will evolve into a replicable template for vital community education centers for local mentors to teach best management practices and innovative method for other basic needs such as cell phone charging, sanitation, cookstoves, food cultivation, animal husbandry, entrepreneurial training, etc.

These tasks traditionally fall within the domain of women and girls, the least served and most at-risk demographic in West Africa. Training local women in a wide variety of the most innovative capacity-building practices will be the future focus of the project.  This approach is significant because of the potentially powerful positive outcomes for their families and community.


These effective methods, to teach participating groups of local women by other West African women trained as mentors, will facilitate a far broader community transformation and offer the whole-system ethics, technical know-how, and practical skills, necessary to ensure their legacy of education will continue to serve their communities for generations. We share a vision of the world where everyone will have access to clean Pure Water as the core human right. By empowering women through Our Essential Source Water we can save children, empower women, and transform lives.  

Meet The Team

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