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Aicha's Foundation (La Fondation Aicha) is a grass-roots community empowerment organization with three primary global commitments: vital, intact watersheds; healthy, peaceful humanity; and social justice across every sector, fostering a thriving future for all children and youth. We believe no one should succumb to the impacts of unsafe water, improper nutrition, absence of educational access, or absence of proper medical care. 

We believe no one should suffer from the impacts of these challenging conditions.

We dedicate our work in whole-system community transformation to the lionhearted spirit our inspiration,

the young Aicha Conde carried for everyone, and the embodiment of light, love, and care that she was.

Aicha's legacy will teach us how to love and uplift one another.
We hope you will support La Fondation Aicha to carry out this mission.

La Foundation Aicha is a Registered 501c3 Non-for Profit purposed to assist a world suffering from

of dissension, destitute, and unfortunate disillusion of love for the human family.



For 2022, we are looking forward to diving into to several strategic projects in Africa (with your support)

  • Supplying water filtration systems to purify the drinking water to the Los Islands Archipelago off the coast from the capital, Conakry working with Angelique of Water-Unite, as well as Tom and Craig from Water Pure; 

  • Engaging in a partnership with MAP International to supply medical needs to several hospitals in West Africa;

  • Working with the Watershed Wisdom Councils Concept (WWCC) and Water-Unite to create a Cultural Arts Education program promoting the Aicha Pure Water Ethos; designing the concept for the "Aicha's Water Sanctuaries", which are physical kiosks to house all of this good work and community building.

  • We are branching out to begin implementing training programs working with Youth Leader, which will include an empowerment program for girls and women.  We are hoping to start working with new allies - Eric of Youth Leaders, Karim in Conakry organizing Youth Leaders in Guinea, Sumaili forming the Kakuma Girls Club in the Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya, and John forming similar women's empowerment and self defense club in an orphanage in Uganda.


  Here's some of the great work we accomplished  in 2020-2021:

  • LFA was well represented by our founder, Mamoudou Condé, when our key allies, Les Ballets Africains (the National Cultural Drum and Dance Troupe of Guinea) opened the 2020 MASA Cultural Arts Market in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. 


  • We conducted a training demonstration for the water filter systems hosted by the mayor of the central district of Conakry, Guinea, which made the national news outlets; 

  • We have opened our doors with 501C3 non-profit based in Chicago with Sekou Condé as our Board Chair and with our NGO office in Conakry with Nanfadima Magassouba as our international director for our African branch. 

  • La Fondation Aicha was a sponsor, along with Patissou Fondation, and the organizers, Tidiane World Music, and World Music Productions for the "La Ronde des Star" New Years Eve Concert in Guinea, West Africa. This event blanketed Guinea with our logo and name recognition in promotions across the nation; 

  • Served as presenters on roundtables on Voices of Water on 2021 World Water Day;

  • Formed key alliances with World Music Productions, Kafolike School of Percussion, Muntu Dance Theatre,  MAP International, Watershed Wisdom Councils Concept (WWCC), Water-Unite, Water Pure Technologies, Youth Leader, and many more... 

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